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Blog Spot

26 Oct

There are many excellent blogs on the Internet, the trick is to find them. A number of staff have been emailing their favourite blog addresses so I thought I would highlight them on our blog so that we can all benefit from them. This first one is a PE specific blog, written by Simon Scarborough. It is packed with excellent ideas, publications and thoughts…I’m particularly enjoying his explanations of how he is using Solo Taxonomy to teach GCSE, BTEC and A Level PE.

You can find him here…Excellence through PE


PE Department Review

1 Jul

In June the PE Department experienced a ‘Review Week’ focusing on the teaching and learning that was taking place in their lessons. All department members planned one lesson and were observed for up to thirty minutes. The observations started with a blank piece of paper and the observers were looking…asking themselves, “What can we see…therefore…what is it telling us about the learning experience and the progress that the students are making?”.

Feedback following observations is invaluable and this is structured under two distinct headings: strengths; areas for further consideration. The Head of Department is keen to identify both teacher-specific and departmental strengths and development areas so that they can contribute to his strategic planning for September 2012.

Clear strengths are already emerging:

  • Engagement of students
  • Relationships between students and teachers
  • Learning environment – relaxed, warm, conducive to promote effective learning
  • Routines
  • Health and safety considerations
  • Use of a range of practical equipment to aid differentiation
  • Organisation of students, particularly over large spaces and with technical equipment
  • Student appropriate and effective use of specific terminology
  • Use of ICT to enhance learning through performance-related observations of experts and self-analysis
  • Teacher subject knowledge
  • Effective use of praise
  • Quality of demonstrations

The areas that the department are now considering for further attention are:

  • How can we get students active promptly at the start of lessons?
  • For what length of time are students active in lessons?
  • How can we move from the ‘teacher as the expert’ to find new ways to ensure the students become the experts without us telling them the theory?
  • How can we use NC levels to support us in delivering a skill:
    • to meet the needs of every individual student?
    • to show students how the complexity of a skill develops?
  • How can we plan our lessons to ensure that the activities meet the individual needs of every learner?
  • How can we plan our lessons on one side of A4 in ten minutes…and not reduce the standard and quality of lessons we deliver?
  • How can questioning be developed so that the teacher asks a greater number of      specific questions and the students are required to think more deeply and answer questions…less teacher talk, more student talk?
  • There were some excellent examples of peer coaching and use of students in      demonstrations – how can this be developed across the department?
  • How can we close lessons to ensure that we and the student are aware of the progress they have made in the lesson?