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Thunk Thursday

11 Jul

If you had a box with a button on it that, when pressed, meant someone somewhere in the world would experience pain but no-one would ever know it was you, would you press it?

Would you do it for £1,000,000?


Thunk Thursday

4 Jul

If you always got everything you ever wished for, would you always be happy?

Thunk Thursday

27 Jun

If you paint over a window, is it still a window?

Thunk Thursday

11 Apr

Can anything be a toy? Can anything definitely not be a toy?

Thunk Thursday

28 Mar

Is a millionaire who is marooned on an island still a millionaire?

Thunk Thursday

21 Mar

If I gave a person begging in the street a pound, would that be encouraging them to keep begging?

Thunk Thursday

14 Mar

Does a cup of tea weigh more if you add a spoonful of sugar?