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Lesson Observation Anticipation

4 Jun

I’m observing an Art lesson today and this superb lesson plan has got me intrigued…

Clay lesson 3


I know it is a Wednesday…

15 May

..and normally TED Talks are limited to Tuesday blog posts, but this one caught my eye.

Bill Gates. Teachers. The value of feedback. And how they want to support teachers in the US.


Bill Gates


TeachMeet June

13 May

The next TeachMeet will take place on Friday 7th June at 1.05pm. This month it will be held in M2 and the focus is ‘Key Stage 5 Teaching and Learning’. We currently have three presenters lined up:

Lesson Structure – Jo (7 minutes)

Outstanding Lessons: A Student Perspective – Rona (7 minutes)

Tackling Exam Questions – Imogen (2 minutes)

If you would like to present then please do let me know.

An Essential Read

13 May

Relationships in life are critical and, so often, conversations can take relationships down a pathway that leads to misunderstanding, confusion or resentment. Equally, a lack of dialogue can result in the snowballing of issues and this has a negative impact on all involved…and all those on the periphery. Over the last few years I have become increasingly aware of the power of conversation and how critical my role is in ensuring that it is healthy, open and honest dialogue. I have just read this book –  Crucial Conversations – by Ron McMillan. It is a ‘to-the-point’ text and is a refreshing reminder of the skills that we have but so often fail to use effectively when we engage in the most crucial conversations.

I’m not promoting Amazon as the only consumer outlet, but this is worth further investigation:

Crucial Conversations

Headguruteacher is on the button…

8 May

Great Lessons 2 – Rigour

How to Inspire Teachers…

3 May

How to Inspire Teachers

TED Tuesday

30 Apr


What more do I need to say? Save time and energy, watch this TED talk!