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New Job

24 Nov

I’ve left my role at this school and have embarked on my first headship. Therefore, this blog has been suspended for the next year whilst I open Lincoln UTC. I hope to return in September 2014 with my new staff to explore the wonders of teaching and learning!


Thunk Thursday

18 Jul

Which is more frightening? Being chased by one horse-sized duck or twenty duck-sized horses?

Thunk Thursday

11 Jul

If you had a box with a button on it that, when pressed, meant someone somewhere in the world would experience pain but no-one would ever know it was you, would you press it?

Would you do it for £1,000,000?

Thunk Thursday

20 Jun

If I move the school building to the other side of the road, but I leave the pupils and teachers where they are, where is the school now?

TED Tuesday

21 May

Grit. Is it the answer?

The Key to Success?

I know it is a Wednesday…

15 May

..and normally TED Talks are limited to Tuesday blog posts, but this one caught my eye.

Bill Gates. Teachers. The value of feedback. And how they want to support teachers in the US.


Bill Gates


Revision Aids

3 May

A series of motivational videos have been created by the TES to help us to keep Year 11 motivated.

Revision Videos