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Headguruteacher is on the button…

8 May

Great Lessons 2 – Rigour



17 Mar

If you have ten minutes spare, this is a worthwhile read – I can guarantee it will make you think about tiny changes that we can make to our teaching practices that could have huge implications…Zoe Elder

Proving Pupil Progress

11 Mar

We all know that OfstedĀ are eager to see pupil progress in lessons and over time. Claire Gadsby delivered INSET at a secondary school and the key messages are outlined in this blog post – well worth a look to confirm that we are on the right track and maybe give us a few extra idea?

Proving Pupil Progress

Primary Literacy Resource

7 Mar

This blog contains an amazing range of literacy resource for Primary Schools which can, I believe, easily be transformed to KS3 lessons. See for yourself…

literacy shed

Solo Stuff

3 Mar

Thanks to Gary for spotting this great blog. It provides a useful introduction to Solo Taxonomy.

Solo Taxonomy

Flipped Classrooms

1 Mar

In preparation for the new Homework Policy that I am starting to design for September, I’m considering theĀ benefits of the Flipped Classroom. Here are a few ideas for those of you who might be interested. Heather is considering focusing on this as a research project with EEN and Winchester University so there may well be some in-house activities in the forthcoming academic year to learn from.

Flipped Classroom

Huffinston Post USA


Brilliant Blog!


Geography Blog Spot

12 Feb

A superb blog for our Geography Department….

geography blog