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Lesson Observation Anticipation

4 Jun

I’m observing an Art lesson today and this superb lesson plan has got me intrigued…

Clay lesson 3



8 May

Well, do you know if they ‘geddit’? This might be useful…



8 May

This blog post links perfectly with the CPD delivered by Jo on ‘Questioning’ last week. An informative and thought-provoking read.

Probing Questions…

Technology Starter and Plenary of the Week

8 Mar

Week 17 activities…Week 17

Technology: Starter and Plenary of the Week

1 Mar

Mark has provided us with two ideas that the department have been trying out in lessons this week. If you give it a go, let him know how it goes!

Week 16

Inside the Black Box in 2013

21 Feb

On my train journey to London to attend a training course at the National Theatre, I’m taking the time to re-read the critical works by Black and Wiliams on assessment. Fifteen years after publication, their five critical messages still ring loud and true.

How to improve formative assessment:

1. Feedback to any pupil should be about the particular qualities of his or her work, with advice on what he or she can do to improve and should avoid comparisons with other pupils.
2. Pupils should be trained in self assessment so that they can understand the main purposes of their learning and thereby grasp what they need to do to achieve.
3 Opportunities for pupils to express their understanding should be designed into any piece of teaching, for this will initiate the interaction whereby formative assessment aids learning.
4. The dialogue between pupils and a teacher should be thoughtful, reflective, focused to evoke and explore understanding, and conducted so that all pupils have an opportunity to think and to express their ideas.
5. Tests and homework exercises can be an invaluable guide to learning, but the exercises must be clear and relevant to learning aims. The feedback on them should give each pupil guidance on how to improve, and each must be given opportunity to help to work at the improvement.

Black, P. & Wiliam, D. (1998) Inside the Black Box GL Assessment Limited: London.

Technology Starter and Plenary of the Week

15 Feb

Week 15 can be found right here…Week 15