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Thunk Thursday

27 Dec

If you were a biscuit, what sort of biscuit would you be?

Happy Christmas one and all, see you in 2013!


Resources, Resources, Resources

20 Dec

This site is simply jam packed with good resources!

ICT Magic


Thunk Thursday

20 Dec

Do they sing ‘Happy Birthday’ in church on Christmas Day?


TED Tuesday – Fact and Faction Online

18 Dec

By the end of this thirteen minute talk, there will be 864 more hours of video on YouTube and 2.5 million more photos on Facebook and Instagram. So how do we sort through the deluge? At the TEDSalon in London, Markham Nolan shares the investigative techniques he and his team use to verify information in real-time, to let you know if that Statue of Liberty image has been doctored or if that video leaked from Syria is legitimate.

The managing editor of, Markham Nolan has watched journalism evolve from the pursuit of finding facts to the act of verifying those floating in the ether.

This is a superb video to use with students to develop inference skills.

Fact and Fiction

Enhancing Literacy Skills

17 Dec

This website identifies the best infographics for English teachers – but having looked at the quality of each web link, they are really useful for us all to use in order to enhance our literacy skills. Take a look here:

Literacy Infographics

Learning Detectives and Spies

17 Dec

We know that our focus is on pupil progress and this includes all pupils. The PE Department have a range of strategies in place for students who are not actively participating in the practical elements of their PE lesson and last week Michaela and Sarah tried out Learning Spies and Detectives. The idea came from a blog post that Gary found:

Learning Detectives and Spies

This could be really useful for other subject areas to use in order to help students to pick up new ideas, learn from observing others and re-engage switched-off pupils. If you give it a try then do let me know what works and doesn’t work so that we can share our findings on the blog.

Free Resources

17 Dec

On the look out for new ideas for lessons? Have a look at this website: