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Thunk Thursday

29 Nov

If you think happy thoughts, will good things happen to you?

Ian Gilbert, The Little Book of Thunks (2007)


TED Tuesday

27 Nov

We all set ourselves goals or targets and frequently we share them with our nearest and dearest. Personally, I had assumed that this would help me to move closer to my goal…but it seems that I could be wrong! Take a look at this TED talk by Derek Sivers, he might challenge your thinking and persuade you to Keep your goals to yourself!

Science & Technology Competition – Free Rides!

26 Nov

To celebrate “National Science Week” in March 2013, Alton Towers Resort has launched a competition for students to give them an opportunity to design a world-beating roller coaster…with the winner taking the first ride on the Resort’s own newest ride when it opens in March 2013. Entries can be in diagram or word format but must include a description of the ride, the key features and the theoretical science knowledge that informed the design. Entries must be submitted by Friday 14th December 2012 and details can be found at Please do promote this with our students and let’s see if one of them can create the winning design!

And if ‘Twitter’ sounds like another language…

26 Nov

Head over to this website for some answers…

The Twitter Guide Book

English Resources

26 Nov

“All Talk” is a new free resource, created by BT, for the teaching and learning of spoken language and interaction in everyday life. It  includes texts, activities and video clips focused on fifteen topics and has been designed to support the GCSE and A Level English Language speaking and listening and spoken language tasks. The resource is free and can be found at BT All Talk



26 Nov

If you are not a Twitter user than you are missing out on a sure-fire way of finding resources, strategies and ideas to support your teaching and learning. Twitter is simple to use…think of it as Facebook without the endless, personal comments about whether someone had a good day or is frustrated by the weather or their kids! If you chose to follow like-minded people, you will find that Twitter is the perfect place to locate teaching-related websites, blogs, resources and strategies…without having to do the hunting yourself!

Over the next few weeks I’ll identify a number of people I follow on Twitter who are becoming an invaluable source of information. Today, we begin with @TeacherToolkit. Ross M McGill, who also writes for The Guardian, tweets on a daily basis and this weekend led an online SLT TeachMeet which attracted over eight hundred tweets in thirty minutes. This week he also tweeted a five-minute lesson plan which has been a hot topic of conversation on Twitter. Take a look for yourself and see if it is a tool you might wish to try out…The 5 Minute Lesson Plan


Thunk Thursday

22 Nov

If we borrow every book from the school library, is it still a library?

Ian Gilbert Little Book of Thunks (2007)