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TED Tuesday

31 Oct

The future of card tricks?

Happy half-term holidays!


Essay Map

31 Oct

On the TES website on 28.10.12 Dan Roberts discussed the use of ‘Essay Map’ to help students structure their essays. It looks like a really useful tool – take a look at the link below:

Solo, Literacy and Socrative Talk!

26 Oct

Thanks to Wendy, Sarah, Sam and Gemma for three fabulous presentations at TeachMeet today. There were so many really interesting ideas, resources and strategies shared – I am sure we will be seeing them in many other classrooms across the school after half term. Their presentations can be found below:

Wendy – Solo Taxonomy

Sarah – Literacy Across the Curriculum

Sam & Gemma – Socrative 2

Happy holidays Ladies and Gents!

Blog Spot

26 Oct

There are many excellent blogs on the Internet, the trick is to find them. A number of staff have been emailing their favourite blog addresses so I thought I would highlight them on our blog so that we can all benefit from them. This first one is a PE specific blog, written by Simon Scarborough. It is packed with excellent ideas, publications and thoughts…I’m particularly enjoying his explanations of how he is using Solo Taxonomy to teach GCSE, BTEC and A Level PE.

You can find him here…Excellence through PE

October TeachMeet

25 Oct

Our next TeachMeet takes place tomorrow in R23, starting promptly at 1.10pm. We have a slight change to the presentations due to Tom’s recent ankle antics, so the line up is now:

1.10pm   Solo Taxonomy Wendy

1.20pm   Literacy Across the Curriculum Sarah

1.30pm   Socrative Take Two Sam and Gemma

We look forward to seeing you all tomorrow!

Thunk Thursday

25 Oct

Is something boring because of ‘it’ or because of ‘you’?

Taken from Ian Gilbert’s, “Little Book of Thunks” (2007).

And if you liked Beau Lotto…

23 Oct

Take a look at his website:

An excerpt from the home page:

Lottolab Studio is the world’s first public perception research space.

Perception underpins everything that we feel, think and believe. It is the source of all artistic expression and scientific exploration. What we perceive IS who we are.

The universality of perception gives us at Lottolab the freedom – and logic – to work outside the contrived boundaries between people, disciplines and institutions, and has enabled and inspired us to locate our lab within London’s Science Museum – thereby uniting science, the arts and education in one space.

Through our research, we seek to deepen both our scientific and philosophical understanding of human perception. Central to our ethos is the inclusion of the public at the centre of the process of discovery, which brings with it, not only new scientific insights, but also the potential for personal and social transformation, reflected in our programmes of public engagement.